Top 4 Best Weed Eaters For The Money

Bent shaft trimmers are easier to use and are lighter than most straight shaft models. Electric options get rid of dealing with fuel, and they can also be lighter. Gas powered weed eaters or line trimmers are a great option when it comes to tackling weeds. A big consideration and one that I know well is the bigger the engine the heavier the machine.

Brush cutter is a term that can be used for a string trimmer, but can also be used to describe a bush hog. Gasoline powered string trimmers are going to require a great deal more maintenance than their electric counterparts. Most have 2 stroke motors, so you’ll need to make sure to mix your gasoline with oil. Additionally, you’ll need to drain the fuel during the offseason, and clean your carburetor on occasion. For those homeowners that have small yards, or that will use their weed eater infrequently, you can save money by using a corded string trimmer.

Honda Hht35sltat Shaft String Trimmer

Straight shaft weed eaters can be difficult to use if you only need them periodically. It is used in weed eaters, or line trimmers or brush cutters depending on where you come from. It is stored in a head on the end of a weed whacker and spins around very quickly when the weed whacker is running. Bent shaft trimmers tend to be shorter, lighter and less responsive than the straight shaft models.

The major difference comes down to the length of the trimmer and the control that you have with it, but there are other things to take into consideration. A single-line system has high cutting force that can shear through most general weed-whacking work, and it’s surprisingly powerful. Straight-shaft construction, a durable guard shield, and an automatic feed system make this an easy-use device for even the most inexperienced of homeowners. You can purchase pre-filled reload cartridges or wind your own, although the latter is the cheapest option. Sport longer pants that aren’t too loose to avoid catching to any other tools or equipment outside. There is also an auto-feed spool system which can give you fresh trimmer line when you push a button.


After all, the word “care” is in the name, and nothing demonstrates their understanding of this better than the built-in flower guard. It’s a simple addition that will help you avoid accidentally trimming your flowerbeds while you’re trying to get rid of those weeds. The guard extends outwards over the front of the cutting zone, so you know exactly how close you can get before you reach the end of the line, so to speak.

Even more, some have speed changers so you can control how fast you want to be trimming based on where and what you are working on. As if this line’s size and durability were not enough, the Remington RM2510 also provides an additional feature pertaining to its operational head. Moreover, this model’s head actually allows for dual lines to be released at once.

You can almost , relax while using a battery powered weed eater, while using a gas powered model can be somewhat traumatic until you become accustomed to the noise and the fumes. Battery powered string trimmers are lighter than their gas powered counterparts. In terms of gas string trimmers, you’ll find that your gas weed wacker won’t have the same amount of torque if it’s a curved shaft model. The arching of the driveline makes it much less consistent in supplying power to the cutting head. However, the arch pays off by allowing you better support of the motor, making it much less awkward.

  • Some of the best gas string trimmers are inherently heavier than other types because of the type of motor and fuel capacity.
  • Lastly, the high-visibility cutting shield ensures clear viewing while protecting the operator from flying rocks and debris.
  • The second handle extends upwards from the middle of the upper section of the shaft, so that you can grip it with either hand and gain more control over your motions.
  • I've never used a gas trimmer, but I love my EGO one after 2 summers (didn't want another small engine to take care of).
  • Designed with ease of use in mind, the Husqvarna 129L features a powerful, professional-quality 2-stroke at an affordable price.
  • The drawback is that you sometimes lose power or endurance when going electric.
  • First, they last for as long as the gas within them lasts, as does the power, which is usually much longer than an electric or battery-powered trimmer.
  • It’s really amazing what these small displacement powerplants can output.
  • Unlike some cheap gas weed eaters, this wacker will take a short time to trim any garden, no matter its size.
  • If you need a weed wacker that can cut through thick, heavy-duty overgrowth, a gas-powered model is the way to go.
  • An electric weed eater is smaller in length than the gas-driven one.

However, they do need to be concerned about the battery life and the runtime of the tool. In this buyer’s guide for gas weed eaters, we discuss not only our top picks for the best models but how they work and what to look for in the one that’s right for you as well. Or, if you prefer, take a look at our reviews of the all-around best string trimmers. Well, now you know what you need to shop for and select the gas weed eater model that meets your needs and your budget.

Best Bent Shaft Option Echo Gt

With an 18-inches cutting path, this trimming beast is designed for large properties and semi-professional applications, so it can cut through thick weeds, long grass, and dense undergrowth. A shoulder strap and an adjustable multi-position over-mold handle help to reduce operator fatigue and vibration. The strong straight steel shaft makes it easier to trim under bushes and access other hard-to-reach spots. If you have a small yard and you are looking for a trimmer that is lightweight, portable, and environmentally friendly, the Makita String Trimmer is the best choice for your garden.

Well, they are a bit hazardous as you have to carry the power cord with you when you move around. As a result, you can’t be able to cut every nook and corner of your backyard. Depending on their power source we have taken different steps to determine whether they pass the benchmark we have set up. Interesting thing is that this powerful trimmer doesn’t need that much effort to handle. So, a short person or a woman is more than enough to use this trimmer effectively and safely.

Best String Trimmers Of 2021, According To Experts

An auto-feed system will have an automatic advancing mechanism that feeds more line when the string gets too short. Look for a machine that’s designed well so you can carry it comfortably for an extended period of time. If it takes a long time to trim, you need a model that isn’t going to tire you out quickly. If you have back or shoulder concerns, choose one with a shoulder strap to evenly distribute the weight, reducing the strain on your body.

The Best String Trimmer Options for Yard Care –

The Best String Trimmer Options for Yard Care.

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The cultivator will be an excellent option for any home with flower beds, as it can trim such areas perfectly. Other well-designed features are a translucent gas tank that lets you see your fuel level and a semi-wrap skid plate that protects the tank and holds it upright when laying it down. The trimmer’s handles are comfortable and the machine is well balanced, enabling long trimming sessions. Of our top picks, the Husqvarna 324L is by far the lightest at only 5.1 pounds. With a larger cutting head and cutting swath, you’ll be able to finish trimming your yard faster than you would with a smaller one.

Many bargain-priced trimmers are, basically, junk waiting to happen. When something on those trimmers goes kaput, the cost of the repair may exceed the cost of the machine. The machines here are substantial and should provide years of service, which is why we’ve selected them.

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If you plan on using this trimmer for a larger yard, you may need to refuel a few times. There are a few small things to consider before purchasing this product. It comes with a Smart Start system which allows easy starts with minimal effort. Also, an air purge system keeps the air out of the fuel system and adds to the ease of operations.

Wild Badger Power 31 Cc Gas 4

The kinds of weeds in your front or back yard also can help you decide whether you need an electric, gas or battery-powered trimmer. With thick weeds or overgrown lawns, an electric or battery powered trimmer could struggle more than one that uses gas, Bateman said. The more traditional option is the gas weed eater which has been on the market for decades. The usually run exclusively off gasoline but can sometimes use a mixture of oil and gasoline.

While lawn mowers help to maintain the height of grass, a good weed trimmer will keep the lawn looking properly trimmed at the same time. Better still, many trimmers can pull double duty as edgers and mini-mowers at the same time. This Ego has the easiest line-load system we’ve ever used, a process described in detail in the Ego ST1510T manual . When all of the string is used up, just load about 16 feet of line through the trimmer head so that there are 8 feet sticking out of each side, and then pop its cover on. Then with the press of a button, the line automatically retracts into the trimmer head, so the whole tool is ready to go in seconds. It’s hard to overstate what an improvement this is to what’s often the single-worst aspect of using a string trimmer.

This reduces the impact of vibration because the grass trimmers seem to be more vibrant when not in use. Simply tap the ground when you’re trimming to feed the 0.095” line automatically. The RY253SS model features Ryobi’s universal brand fit attachments so that you can attach an edger tool, blower, or even a tiller attachment to the powerhead. Light and maneuverable at 12 pounds 10 best weed wacker gas ounces, the Ryobi RY253SS is a 25cc, 2-stroke weed eater that walks the line between a consumer and professional-grade model. Equipped with a full crank motor for up to two times longer life, it’s also backed by a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Two-cycle machines offer a good balance of weight compared to power output; they do require a blend of gasoline and oil, though.

It comes with a premium twisted line for making good, clean cuts, and also comes with a reel to make feeding string faster than ever before. The edging feature is particularly comfortable with the wheels which makes edging your lawn very precise as well. It also comes with Greenworks’ 4-year tool warranty and their 2-year battery warranty. So, you can be sure you are buying a product which will be protected for a very long time.