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The GGs acted like a super hot griddle or plancha. By cooking the meat low and slow and then searing it at the rear of the cook, I had made the perfect Steakhouse Steakburger. So my next patties went on my four burner gas grill where I knew I could get precise control of the temp. Then I tried mixing chunks of frozen butter into the patties.

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The recipe used for fresh breakfast sausage can be used to make cured and smoked sausauge. The seasoning and ingredients apply to all three types of meat . With turkey, I recommend adding a little celery salt to enhance the flavor.

The patty should a nice golden-brown color. If it’s still a little pink, give it another minute or so. The dimple will also prevent your burgers from bulging up in the middle. If you mash the beef while you’re handling it, you’ll wring some of the moisture out of the meat. When you’re tearing chunks of beef off of the slab you bought, do not handle and squeeze the meat too much.

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They were handled exactly the same, and even packaged and frozen together immediately after they were sliced from the same backstrap. After thoroughly defrosting, I put one in the refrigerator, and one back in the freezer. After it froze solid again, I took it out and defrosted it. Then I cooked the two Make a HamBurger filets at the same time, in the exact same way. I marked one with a secret grill pattern.

  • He subsequently served as a baker and head cook on three award-winning kitchen staffs.
  • I marked one with a secret grill pattern.
  • A few packages of burger with sausage won’t hurt though.
  • Simple step-by-step recipes including elk appetizers, venison casseroles, antelope fajitas, wild game stews, ground burger and more.
  • Place the patties on a rimmed baking sheet and season both sides with salt.